Real costs of nuclear power

/ | Dec 22, 2014

Real costs of nuclear power

Until now, Japan's power industry and the government have emphasized the lower energy costs from having nuclear plants generate the nation's electricity. And until now, consumers and business circles have bought into that myth.

Oct 15, 2014

Green energy tariffs draw scrutiny


A committee involved with the nation’s energy policy met Wednesday to discuss revisions to the 2-year-old feed-in tariff system for renewable energy. It will also investigate a utility that recently halted renewable electricity purchases under the system by claiming it didn’t have the capacity ...

Oct 12, 2014

METI tackles revolt over feed-in tariff system

The industry ministry will discuss problems with the feed-in tariff system this week after utilities stopped buying electricity generated by operators of renewable energy sources as required under the subsidy scheme. A Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry working group headed by professor Kazuhiko ...