Eileen Ford, founder of Ford Model Agency, dies

Jul 11, 2014

Eileen Ford, founder of Ford Model Agency, dies

Modeling agency founder Eileen Ford, who shaped a generation’s standards of beauty as she built an empire and launched the careers of Candice Bergen, Lauren Hutton, Jane Fonda and countless others, has died. She was 92 and died Wednesday, said Arielle Baran, a spokeswoman ...

Fashion experts weigh in on World Cup jersey style

Jun 16, 2014

Fashion experts weigh in on World Cup jersey style

by Janie Mccauley

The World Cup uniforms provide a carnival of color and fashion, from Brazil’s bright yellow jerseys to the Netherlands’ classic orange to Croatia’s red checkered home kit and the superhero-inspired looks of Mexico. The tournament this year, which opened last Thursday with Brazil beating ...

'Ballets Russes: The Art of Costume'

Jun 11, 2014

'Ballets Russes: The Art of Costume'

by Daisuke Kikuchi

Russian ballet group Ballets Russes, founded by renown impresario and art critic Sergei Diaghilev (1872-1929) was not an ordinary troupe. It collaborated with many young individuals from various disciplines, including artists Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Georges Braque, composer Igor Stravinsky and designer Coco ...

Apr 26, 2014

Kari gāru

Kari gāru, or hunting girls, are — quite literally — following in the footsteps of the modish mori gāru ("forest girls," who are interested in carefree, outdoor lifestyles) and yama gāru ("mountain girls," who enjoy fashionable hikes).

Apr 20, 2014

Study: unique often equals most attractive

Looking the odd one out may seem like a recipe for mating disaster, but it could make you more attractive to the opposite sex. So says a study that may also explain why fashions change. Researchers in Australia used beards to test a theory ...