Sep 9, 2014

Reform key to eurozone growth

The surprise move by the European Central Bank to lower its main lending rate from 0.15 to 0.05 percent and to push the overnight deposit rate further into negative territory indicates the central bank's fear that the stagnating eurozone economy will fall into ...

Global economic recovery marred by inconsistencies

May 16, 2014

Global economic recovery marred by inconsistencies

The global economy is plodding ahead in fits and starts as the largest countries struggle to achieve consistent growth. Europe is faltering again. Japan is suddenly surging. China is cooling. The U.S. is strengthening. In the background, central banks are aiming to administer just ...

Nov 14, 2013

Eurozone recovery grinds to a near halt; tough slog lies ahead

The recovery from recession in the 17-country eurozone nearly came to a grinding halt in the third-quarter, raising concerns that the region faces a long slog back from its five-year economic crisis. Barely three months after emerging from its longest-ever recession, the eurozone barely ...

Aug 18, 2013

Eurozone bonds seen turning page on debt crisis

The eurozone bond market is gradually recovering from the disruption caused by the debt crisis, analysts say, with the gap in borrowing costs between fragile countries and Germany at two-year lows. “The bond market is benefiting from both the staunch support of the ECB ...

EU summit ends banking secrecy

May 24, 2013

EU summit ends banking secrecy

European leaders on Wednesday targeted a yearend deadline to do away with banking secrecy, hoping to recoup €1 trillion in lost tax each year to help beat recession and unemployment. However, British Prime Minister and current Group of Eight chair David Cameron, backed by ...