Jul 5, 2015

Electricity and gas liberalization

Liberalization of the electricity and gas industries could be a boon, but the government needs to keep a close watch to make sure consumers don't get burned.

Jul 4, 2015

Fuel ready to be brought to Sendai nuclear reactor

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority has finished part of its pre-use inspection of the No. 1 reactor at Kyushu Electric Power Co.’s Sendai nuclear plant, NRA officials said Friday. Fuel can thus be bought to the reactor, according to the officials. Kyushu Electric, which aims ...

Jul 2, 2015

Discovery brightens solar energy's future

Scientists in Switzerland announced a clean-energy breakthrough on Wednesday; a cheaper solar technology that splits water molecules to create clean-burning hydrogen fuel. The solar panel design will make it cheaper to produce hydrogen, but a simple version won’t be available for average citizens for ...