Jul 16, 2015

World leaders strike deal on financing development

Rich and poor countries agreed on Thursday to overhaul global finance for development, unlocking money for an ambitious agenda to end extreme poverty, protect the environment and improve economic opportunity by 2030. The United Nations announced the deal on its website, capping three days ...

Jun 17, 2015

Report says U.N. needs reform to tackle today's challenges

The United Nations and other international institutions are in urgent need of reform if they are to tackle global challenges ranging from massive violence in fragile states to runaway climate change and global economic shocks, a high-level commission said in a report that was ...

Child poverty affects brain development

Apr 11, 2015

Child poverty affects brain development

Children of richer, better-educated parents have bigger brains and more cognitive skills than their less-fortunate peers, but social help and teaching can help to overcome the differences, according to a recent study. The distinctions were most profound in regions of the brain supporting language ...