Japan eyes lifting ban on private cars serving as taxis

Oct 20, 2015

Japan eyes lifting ban on private cars serving as taxis

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe instructed a government panel on Tuesday to discuss ways to deregulate ride-sharing services, which are currently designated unlicensed taxis and are therefore illegal. In a meeting of the Council on National Strategic Special Zones, Abe said he wants to permit ...

Oct 13, 2015

Government to launch business dialogue in new investment push

The government decided Tuesday to launch a dialogue with business leaders, urging them to boost capital investment as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s priorities swing from security back to the economy. The dialogue will take place on a regular basis between Abe, his ministers and ...

Aug 28, 2015

Duskin eyes using foreign workers for housework services

Duskin Co. plans to use a system that will allow foreign workers to engage in housework support services in special zones where deregulatory measures are tested, according to a company official. “It will be natural to cooperate” if the ban on the use of ...

May 21, 2015

Bill to reform gas, electricity markets passes Lower House

The House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday to require utilities to segregate their power generation and transmission operations by April 2020. The bill, which won support mainly from the ruling coalition, was sent to the House of Councilors, the upper chamber. The measure ...

Mar 1, 2015

Bank groups might get OK to start new businesses via subsidiaries

The Financial Services Agency is considering deregulation that could make it easier for banking groups to start new financial services through subsidiaries, sources said. By relaxing the rules governing financial holding companies, the FSA aims to encourage them to enter new finance-related businesses by ...

Oct 21, 2014

New power industry alliances

The comprehensive alliance struck between Tokyo Electric Power Co. and Chubu Electric Power Co. in their thermal power generation business raises expectations of a further shakeup in the power industry ahead of the full liberalization of the retail sale of electricity in 2016.

Aug 14, 2014

Stagflation stalks 'Abenomics' as pattern sets in


Maybe it’s time to stop dismissing the risk of stagflation in Japan. I’ve raised this risk a couple of times during the last 12 months as inflation rose without commensurate increases in wages or productivity. But Tuesday’s ugly gross domestic product report suggest it’s ...