Apr 29, 2015

Putin says Russia over worst of economic downturn

Russian President Vladimir Putin says his country’s economy has weathered the worst of its downturn even though it appears headed for a deep recession. In comments reported Tuesday by state news agency RIA Novosti, Putin said the economy had stabilized after a dramatic drop ...

Canadian 'Trekkies' take to 'Spocking' their $5 bills

Mar 4, 2015

Canadian 'Trekkies' take to 'Spocking' their $5 bills

The death of actor Leonard Nimoy last week has inspired people to post photos on social media of marked-up 5-dollar Canadian bank notes that show former Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier transformed to resemble Spock, Nimoy’s famous “Star Trek” character. For years, Canadians have been ...

Feb 25, 2015

Islamic State using bitcoin, officials suspect

Islamic State is likely using the bitcoin virtual online currency as a tool to secretly raise funds and settle transactions, a diplomatic source said Tuesday, quoting officials in the U.S.-led coalition against the group. Members of the coalition worry that the use of bitcoin, ...

China calls shots in currency war

Feb 20, 2015

China calls shots in currency war

As fears of a global currency war grow, all eyes in Asia are on whether China will devalue its currency to avert a sharper economic slowdown. The urgency with which Asian central banks are cutting interest rates is an indication of not just the ...

Feb 14, 2015

Japan, South Korea will let 14-year currency swap pact expire

The government plans to terminate a 14-year-old currency swap arrangement with South Korea amid ties soured by territorial and historical clashes, informed sources said Saturday. Under the accord, originally agreed in 2001, each side can obtain dollars by providing its own currency to the ...