May 10, 2016

Japan moves to protect 'copyrights' of AI creations

The Japanese government plans to develop a legal framework to protect copyright on novels, music and other works created by artificial intelligence. The government’s intellectual property task force led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made the decision during a meeting Monday as the group ...

Jan 8, 2016

Monkey cannot own copyright to selfies, judge rules

A macaque monkey who took now-famous selfie photographs cannot be declared the copyright owner of the photos, a U.S. judge said. U.S. District Judge William Orrick said in federal court in San Francisco on Wednesday that “while Congress and the president can extend the ...

Stranglehold on music copyrights is loosening in Japan

Dec 27, 2015

Stranglehold on music copyrights is loosening in Japan


Pop music agency Avex Group Holdings, known for managing artists such as Exile, Namie Amuro and Tokyo Girls’ Style, announced in October that they plan to transfer the copyright administration of up to 100,000 songs from the current holder, JASRAC (Japanese Society for Rights ...

Dec 10, 2015

Settlement in suit over 'Happy Birthday' copyright

A lawsuit over who owns the copyright to “Happy Birthday to You” has been settled, bringing to an end a two-year legal battle over what is said to be the most widely sung tune in the English language. The settlement announced Wednesday came days ...

Dec 10, 2015

Settlement reached in 'Happy Birthday' copyright case

A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit over whether “Happy Birthday” — one of the world’s best-known songs — is owned by a music publisher who’s earned millions by enforcing its copyright. A federal judge in Los Angeles ruled in September that Warner/Chappell ...

Monkey that took selfie should get copyright: U.S. lawsuit

Sep 23, 2015

Monkey that took selfie should get copyright: U.S. lawsuit

A rare crested macaque monkey that snapped a well-known grinning “selfie” should be declared the photo’s owner and receive damages for copyright infringement after it was used in a wildlife book, U.S. animal rights activists argued in a federal lawsuit filed on Tuesday. Naruto, ...

Jul 10, 2014

John Wayne heirs sue university over the name Duke

John Wayne’s heirs are taking Duke University to court to assert the family’s right to market bottles of bourbon branded with the late movie star’s nickname, Duke. A federal lawsuit filed last week is the latest salvo in a long-running legal duel between the ...

Nov 15, 2013

Suit challenging Google Books' digital library tossed out

A federal judge handed Google Inc. a victory Thursday in a long-running legal battle, tossing out a lawsuit claiming the Internet giant is violating copyright laws by scanning books without the writers’ permission to create the world’s largest digital library. The 28-page decision by ...