Sep 27, 2015

Misplaced emphasis on coal

The government and the power industry should rethink their emphasis on coal as a cheap alternative to nuclear energy in view of the impact on the nation's efforts against climate change.

Sep 17, 2015

World urged to make clean energy cheaper than coal

Top environmental advocates on Wednesday urged the international community to increase and coordinate investments in research and development for renewable energy to make it cheaper than coal within 10 years. “A sensible approach to tackling climate change will not only pay for itself but ...

Aug 20, 2015

Toyota, steel makers agree to cut sheet prices

Toyota Motor Corp. and major steel makers have agreed to lower prices for steel sheet for the April-September period from the previous six months, marking the first price cut in a year, industry sources said Thursday. Toyota and the steel makers, including Nippon Steel ...

Apr 12, 2015

In southern China, hundreds protest over polluting power plant

Hundreds of people in China’s southern Guangdong province protested the expansion of a coal-fired power plant on Sunday, state media reported, the latest sign of public discontent over pollution. Residents had complained of smog in Heyuan city since the power plant there began operations ...

Modi passes 'Thatcher test' as coal union strike crumbles

Jan 8, 2015

Modi passes 'Thatcher test' as coal union strike crumbles

Prime Minister Narendra Modi faced down the first major opposition to his economic agenda as coal unions called off a 2-day-old strike that threatened to paralyze the nation. The unions at the world’s biggest coal miner, Coal India Ltd., agreed to end the planned ...