Nonstick chemicals found in fast-food packaging

/ Feb 11, 2017

Nonstick chemicals found in fast-food packaging

Burgers, fries, tacos and pastries come wrapped in grease-proof paper and boxes that often contain nonstick chemicals that may be able to leach into food, U.S. researchers said on Feb. 1. The study in the journal Environmental Science and Technology Letters tested more than ...

Aug 21, 2015

Safety hazards found at 70 percent of Beijing chemical firms inspected

Safety hazards have been found at almost 70 percent of firms handling dangerous chemicals inspected in Beijing since two massive blasts killed 114 people last week, including a branch of Asia’s largest refiner Sinopec Corp. state media reported late Thursday. An inspection of 124 ...

Jul 29, 2013

Dioxin found in buried barrels near Kadena


The Okinawa Defense Bureau recently found dioxin and other hazardous chemicals from barrels unearthed at a former U.S. military installation in the city of Okinawa, officials said Monday, suggesting they may have contained herbicides or agricultural chemicals. The bureau, however, said the possibility that ...