'Leo Lionni: Book! Art! Book!'

Jun 20, 2013

'Leo Lionni: Book! Art! Book!'

by Alisa Yamasaki

Leo Lionni was an accomplished painter, sculptor and graphic designer, but he is best known as the acclaimed author and illustrator of popular children’s books such as “Swimmy” and “Frederick.” His illustrations are colorful and detailed, mixing a variety of mediums including oil paint, ...

Apr 25, 2013

'Antonio López'

by Delilah Romasanta

Spanish artist Antonio López is renowned for the tediously slow pace of his creative process, sometimes touching up works 10 years after starting them. Some may be familiar with his unusual artistic method through Victor Erice’s 1992 documentary “The Quince Tree Sun,” which follows ...

Rubens' best work is collaborative

Apr 4, 2013

Rubens' best work is collaborative

by C.B. Liddell

The 17th-century Flemish baroque artist Peter Paul Rubens is a great historical painter, not because of the scenes from ancient Roman history that he sometimes painted, but because, when we encounter his works, we find ourselves trying to understand what kind of society could ...