/ Jun 2, 2016

Celtics hand Ainge, Stevens extended deals

Establishing continuity has always been at the core of the Boston Celtics’ 17 NBA championships. The Celtics hope their latest moves in that regard will be a step toward reaching No. 18. The team announced Wednesday that it has extended the contracts of coach ...

Outlook grim for Celtics following tough season

/ Apr 18, 2014

Outlook grim for Celtics following tough season

The third-worst season in Boston Celtics history is over, leaving Danny Ainge with plenty of problems as he continues to rebuild the team. Rookie coach Brad Stevens isn’t one of them. “I have no worries about Brad,” Ainge, the Celtics president of basketball operations, ...

/ | Jul 9, 2013

Can Stevens repeat success in NBA?


We know this just isn’t supposed to work, the young executive-looking Brad Stevens, the 36-year-old coach at modest Butler University in Indiana, signing an almost unprecedented six-year contract to coach one of American sports’ most celebrated franchises, the Boston Celtics. You can almost hear ...