Dec 5, 2014

Advocate urges U.N. to tap disabled when prepping for disasters

Akiko Fukuda, secretary-general of the World Federation of the Deafblind, pressed the international community at the United Nations this week to include the perspectives of the disabled when devising disaster-preparedness plans. “Up to this point people with disabilities are the target of programs but ...

Sep 10, 2014

Blind girl injured in assault at Kawagoe Station

A blind high school student in Saitama Prefecture was tripped, kicked in the leg and injured at JR Kawagoe Station, weeks after a guide dog was attacked in the same prefecture. The girl, a first-year student at Hanawa Hokiichi Gakuen, a school for the ...

Guide dog stabbing in Saitama probed by police

Aug 28, 2014

Guide dog stabbing in Saitama probed by police

The July stabbing of a guide dog during its owner’s commute in Saitama Prefecture is under investigation, it was learned Thursday. The dog was apparently stabbed by a forklike object and sustained four evenly spaced wounds in the hind quarters, according to Noritoshi Sato, ...

China to mar visit, activist Chen fears

Jun 28, 2013

China to mar visit, activist Chen fears

by Ko Shu-Ling

Prominent Chinese human rights advocate Chen Guangcheng, who has lived in the United States since leaving China last year, said he expects China will try to interfere with his planned trip to Japan. “There is no doubt that an authoritarian regime exerts pressure, but ...