Tokyo, Canberra test sub fleet export waters

May 29, 2014

Tokyo, Canberra test sub fleet export waters

by Tim Kelly and Matt Siegel

Japan will get the chance to pursue an unprecedented military export deal when its defense and foreign ministers meet their Australian counterparts in Tokyo next month. Japan is considering selling submarine technology to Australia — perhaps even a fleet of fully engineered, stealthy vessels, ...

May 19, 2014

Tokyo ponders exhibition of GSDF military gear at Paris arms show

Tokyo is considering whether or not to allow domestic defense-related companies to participate in an international exhibition of defense and security equipment in Paris in June, a government source said Sunday. It would be the first full-fledged participation by Japanese companies in the trade ...

Apr 18, 2014

Makers unsure defense business will pay off abroad

Although the government relaxed the country’s rules on exports of defense equipment this month, companies aren’t necessarily optimistic about sales chances overseas. Reactions to the looser export rules were mixed among representatives of some 50 companies who attended a Defense Ministry briefing on the ...

Mar 25, 2014

Japan's ruling bloc approves new rules on arms exports

The ruling parties approved new guidelines on arms exports Tuesday, setting the stage for the first major overhaul in nearly 50 years of the country’s arms embargo policy. The Cabinet is expected to approve the guidelines next week, while concerns remain that Japan’s status ...

Feb 11, 2014

Weapons export ban under siege

Japan may soon allow exports of defense equipment to international organizations, such as those involved in U.N. peacekeeping missions, on condition that they do not take sides in conflicts.

Jan 30, 2014

Japan to set strict rules for arms exports: Abe

Japan, which is set to rethink its three principles banning arms exports, will set clear and strict rules on when it engages in weapons trade, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Thursday. “We will decide on specifics such as when the transfer (of weapons) is ...