Apr 23, 2014

Ex-police officer acquitted over fatal Akashi crush in 2001

A former police officer indicted over a pedestrian crush that killed 11 people in an overpass at a 2001 festival in Hyogo Prefecture was acquitted again Wednesday. Kazuaki Sakaki, 67, was deputy chief of the Akashi police station at the time of the fatal ...

Oct 2, 2013

Akashi first city to remove 'illegitimate' birth filing

Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture, said Tuesday it has stopped asking on birth registration forms whether a baby was born out of wedlock, the first city in Japan to do so. However, the new form is optional: It doesn’t replace an existing form with “legitimate” and ...

Ex-cop off hook for Akashi '01 fatal crush

Feb 21, 2013

Ex-cop off hook for Akashi '01 fatal crush

The Kobe District Court dismissesd a case against a former senior police officer over a 2001 fatal mass crush after a fireworks display in Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture, because the statute of limitations has expired.