Oct 18, 2014

Twitter to reconfigure users' timelines with 'relevant' messages

Twitter said Friday it will start reconfiguring its users’ timelines with “relevant” messages from people they haven’t bothered to follow at the service. Based on a positive response from its tests, the popular one-to-many messaging service is inching toward the Facebook model of using ...

Triple suicide bombing in Iraq kills 58 people

Oct 13, 2014

Triple suicide bombing in Iraq kills 58 people

A triple suicide bombing Sunday killed at least 58 people in Iraq as a roadside bomb killed the police chief of the western Anbar province, authorities said, attacks that dealt major blows to Iraqi security forces struggling to combat the Islamic State extremist group. ...

Oct 8, 2014

Twitter sues FBI, DOJ to release NSA request info

Twitter is suing the FBI and the Department of Justice to be able to release more information about government surveillance of its users. The social media company filed a lawsuit Tuesday in a California federal court to publish its full “transparency report,” which documents ...

Oct 5, 2014

Social networks make push as shopping destinations

They’re not just for sharing any more: Facebook and Twitter are now looking to play a bigger role in shopping. Both social networks have unveiled plans to start using “buy” buttons on their sites, which could start having an impact on “social shopping” in ...

Oct 2, 2014

Twitter-funded lab to seek social media insights

A new Twitter-funded research project unveiled Wednesday, with access to every tweet ever sent, will look for patterns and insights from the billions of messages sent on social media. The MIT Media Lab said the new Laboratory for Social Machines would be funded by ...

Algerian extremists behead French hostage

Sep 25, 2014

Algerian extremists behead French hostage

Algerian extremists allied with the Islamic State group have decapitated a French hostage after France ignored their demand to stop airstrikes in Iraq, according to a video obtained Wednesday by a U.S.-based terrorism watchdog. A group calling itself Jund al-Khilafah, or Soldiers of the ...

Aug 22, 2014

Voice, image give clues in hunt for Foley's executioner

The Islamic militant in a video showing the death of American journalist James Foley took great care to disguise his identity, dressing head-to-toe in black, with a mask leaving only his eyes visible. But police and intelligence services in Britain and the United States ...

News aggregator BuzzFeed to expand into Japan

Aug 12, 2014

News aggregator BuzzFeed to expand into Japan

U.S. startup media company BuzzFeed Inc. says it will launch its service in Japan by the end of the year. Founded in 2006, the online news aggregator attracts more than 150 million visitors worldwide to its website a month. As its contents are shared ...

Aug 8, 2014

Richard Nixon's back! (At least on Twitter)

If you believe the media reports, Richard Nixon suffered a stroke in 1994 and died days later at age 81. He is buried in his native Yorba Linda, California, silent as the country marks the 40th anniversary of his resignation. But the many obsessives ...