Dec 28, 2014

Suzuki set to reclaim minicar title from Daihatsu

Suzuki Motor Corp. was likely Japan’s top seller of minicars this year, topping the list for the first time in eight years thanks to brisk demand for the Suzuki Hustler, industry sources said. Suzuki and rival Daihatsu Motor Co. compete fiercely in the market ...

Suzuki Motor's CEO, 84, spurs succession fears

Jun 27, 2014

Suzuki Motor's CEO, 84, spurs succession fears

After almost three decades helming Suzuki Motor Corp., investors are becoming increasingly concerned at the lack of clarity over who will succeed the carmaker’s octogenarian chairman and president. At 84, Osamu Suzuki has already beaten the average life expectancy for men in Japan by ...

May 19, 2014

New group to lead joint research into automobile engines


A joint research initiative for developing car engines will be led by the Research Association of Automobile Internal Combustion Engines (AICE), it was announced Monday. The aim of consolidating the industry’s research into nonpolluting, fuel-efficient engines is to reduce development costs at each of ...

Apr 24, 2014

Domestic car output up fourth year

The combined domestic output of Japan’s top eight automakers rose 3.6 percent from to 9,379,989 units in fiscal 2013 ended last month, up for the fourth consecutive year, data released by the firms showed this week. The growth was backed by new models and ...

Apr 16, 2014

Suzuki Motor has compact hybrid in works

Suzuki Motor Corp. said Wednesday it is developing a compact hybrid vehicle to meet growing demand for fuel-efficient cars in emerging countries. The automaker also said it is developing gasoline engines with higher thermal efficiency to improve fuel economy by 20 to 30 percent ...

Toyota's Aqua hybrid sedan retains top spot for sales

Apr 4, 2014

Toyota's Aqua hybrid sedan retains top spot for sales

Toyota Motor Corp.’s Aqua subcompact hybrid was the nation’s top seller in fiscal 2013, retaining the highest slot for the second consecutive year, industry data showed Friday. Sales totaled 259,686 units for the Aqua, which has remained popular since its launch in December 2011. ...

Japanese cars face fight in Myanmar

Feb 6, 2014

Japanese cars face fight in Myanmar

Used Japanese cars are flooding Myanmar, thanks to duty reductions and deregulation since President Thein Sein’s government was inaugurated in 2011 in a shift to civilian rule. The trend, however, will likely be challenged by increased competition from European and U.S. carmakers that are ...

Suzuki delays opening of car plant in India

Jan 29, 2014

Suzuki delays opening of car plant in India

Suzuki Motor Corp. said it will push back the opening of a new car plant in India by one year to 2017 due to a sharp slowdown there in demand. The automaker’s local unit, Maruti Suzuki, was due to set up the new factory ...