Shimane mascot boasts rice paddy art

Aug 20, 2014

Shimane mascot boasts rice paddy art

While there are many “yuru-kyara” mascots created to promote prefectures and municipalities nationwide, the one for Shimane Prefecture has grabbed public attention as rice-paddy art. Shimanekko, a cat mascot with the roof of the renowned Izumo Taisha shrine on top of its head, has ...

May 28, 2014

Shimane strikes evacuation deal with neighbors

The Shimane Prefectural Government on Wednesday agreed with two neighboring prefectures to cooperate on the evacuation of residents in the event of a nuclear accident in the area. The deals aim to secure the safe evacuation of about 396,000 residents of four Shimane cities ...

Mar 28, 2014

Retiring Shimane reactor 'an option'

In a reversal, Chugoku Electric Power Co. President Tomohide Karita stated Thursday that retiring a 40-year-old reactor at the Shimane Nuclear Power Station is “an option.” It is rare to hear a top utility official suggest the decommissioning of an aging reactor. In June, ...

Feb 24, 2014

Seoul files protest over Takeshima Day

A South Korean Foreign Ministry official has lodged a protest with Japan for letting a government representative attend the Takeshima Day ceremony Saturday in Shimane Prefecture. Lee Sang-deuk, director general of the Northeast Asian Affairs Bureau, on Sunday summoned Hisashi Michigami, a minister at ...

Feb 22, 2014

VIP attends Takeshima ceremony

A senior government official attended a ceremony Saturday commemorating the “incorporation” of two tiny islets at the center of a territorial dispute with South Korea. Yoshitami Kameoka, parliamentary secretary with the Cabinet Office, represented the government at the Takeshima Day ceremony, which is named ...

Citizens seek nuclear-free Shimane

Jan 6, 2014

Citizens seek nuclear-free Shimane

by Eric Johnston

Shimane Prefecture citizens seeking to enact a local ordinance that would phase out nuclear power and develop renewable energy sources have collected more than 92,000 signatures of support from registered voters, well over the minimum needed to force the governor to introduce the ordinance ...

Shimane's Oki Islands win Global Geopark classification

Sep 10, 2013

Shimane's Oki Islands win Global Geopark classification

The Oki Islands in Shimane Prefecture have been designated as a globally important geological heritage site by a UNESCO-backed program. The Global Network of National Geoparks made the decision at a meeting Monday in South Korea. The island chain in the Sea of Japan ...