Jan 27, 2015

Many Americans mistake Sikhs for Muslims, study finds

More than a decade after 9/11, Americans who come across a turban-wearing Sikh are still prone to mistake him for a Muslim. A study released Monday said 60 percent of Americans admitted to knowing nothing about the Sikhs who live, study and work in ...

Pageant winner reflects new ideal

| Sep 18, 2013

Pageant winner reflects new ideal

by Shaun Tandon

Shortly before she was crowned the first Miss America of Indian descent, Nina Davuluri was asked about a Chinese-American celebrity who admitted undergoing surgery to reshape her eyes. In the interview before a national audience Sunday, 24-year-old Davuluri tactfully avoided criticizing TV personality Julie ...

Jul 26, 2013

U.S. Justice to take on state laws over voting

The U.S. Justice Department is preparing to take fresh legal action in a string of voting rights cases across the nation, part of a new attempt to blunt the impact of a Supreme Court ruling that the Obama administration has warned will imperil minority ...

Ethnic Wa seek tiny breakaway state

| Jun 1, 2013

Ethnic Wa seek tiny breakaway state

Myanmar’s most heavily armed and powerful rebel group has said it is looking to carve out a legitimate state, as experts say it is flexing its muscles amid tense relations with the government. The United Wa State Army (UWSA), which commands an estimated 30,000 ...