Apr 27, 2016

Big Ben bongs to halt as iconic, ailing clock undergoes repairs

It’s so long to Big Ben’s bongs — at least temporarily. British officials announced Tuesday that the famous bell of Parliament will fall silent for several months during repairs to its crumbling clock tower. The work, due to begin in January 2017 and last ...

Soseki Museum in London to close next year

Apr 5, 2016

Soseki Museum in London to close next year

A museum in London dedicated to novelist Soseki Natsume (1867-1916), who spent two years in the British capital, plans to close in September next year due to financial difficulties amid declining visitors, its operator said Monday. Next year marks 150 years since Soseki’s birth, ...

London detectives hunt burglar nicknamed 'Wimbledon Prowler'

Apr 3, 2016

London detectives hunt burglar nicknamed 'Wimbledon Prowler'

Cunning gentleman thieves have seduced romantics from the days of Robin Hood through to Hollywood’s heyday — and now London is transfixed by the real-life antics of the “Wimbledon Prowler.” The prolific burglar is suspected of carrying out hundreds of break-ins around one of ...

Feb 8, 2016

Jackie Chan bus stunt explosion shakes up Londoners

The explosion of a red double decker bus in central London on Sunday alarmed witnesses unaware that it was actually a stunt for a Jackie Chan action film. The bus was traveling across Lambeth Bridge not far from Britain’s parliament when its top deck ...