Nigeria forces free 59 women, children held by Boko Haram

Jul 31, 2015

Nigeria forces free 59 women, children held by Boko Haram

Nigeria’s army said Thursday it had set free 59 people held by Boko Haram, among them 29 women and 25 children, amid an ongoing offensive against the Islamist group in the country’s restive northeast. The hostages were freed as the military stormed two jihadi ...

Jul 28, 2015

In vitro advance raises complicated ethics questions

The announcement Monday by a nonprofit organization that two women with ovarian problems produced fertile eggs via in vitro fertilization using eggs from anonymous donors is good news for those struggling with infertility, including patients suffering from Turner’s syndrome or experiencing menopause at a ...

Jul 28, 2015

Ireland to hand adoptees birth records for first time

Ireland will allow tens of thousands of adopted people access to their birth certificates for the first time under proposed legislation that some advocacy groups say could still deprive many of their identities. International laws say all children should be able to establish their ...

Awash in arms, Afghans push to ban toy guns

Jul 27, 2015

Awash in arms, Afghans push to ban toy guns

The weapons of Afghanistan’s long decades of war can be seen almost everywhere, from the burned-out hulks of Soviet tanks to the Kalashnikov assault rifles slung over policemen’s shoulders and helicopter gunships roaring overhead. It should be no surprise then that young children play ...

Child care workers held over infant heatstroke death

Jul 24, 2015

Child care workers held over infant heatstroke death

Tochigi Prefecture Police have arrested the former owner of a child care facility in Utsunomiya and her two children for causing the death of a 9-month-old girl who was under their care last year. The police on Thursday arrested Yokohama resident Kumiko Kimura, 58, ...

Jul 18, 2015

Teddy bear breaks girl's fall from third-floor window

A teddy bear from the hit animated movie “Minions” is credited with breaking the fall of a 5-year-old Colorado girl who suffered only minor injuries after tumbling from a third-story apartment window, police said on Friday. She was playing in a bedroom when she ...

Jul 17, 2015

DIY fertility testing goes digital with Taiwan's iSperm

Call home, check your email, count your sperm: Taiwanese start-up Aidmics is hoping to cash in on the $40 billion global human fertility market with an iPad compatible gadget it calls iSperm. Aidmics initially developed the product to help livestock farmers, but founder Agean ...

Jul 16, 2015

Study claims stem cell advance for mitochondrial disease

Scientists said Wednesday they had taken a key step toward stem cell therapy for rare mitochondrial disorders, passed on from mother to child. They “corrected” harmful mitochondria in skin cells taken from patients to create healthy, pluripotent stem cells — versatile cells that can ...

Jul 15, 2015

Sharp to improve safety of front-loading washing machines

Sharp Corp. will try to improve the safety of its front-loading washing machines for children, in the first move by a Japanese manufacturer to address the matter after a 7-year-old boy got stuck inside one in Tokyo in June and died. The Osaka-based Sharp ...