More than 1,000 children living rough in Donetsk

Jan 28, 2015

More than 1,000 children living rough in Donetsk

About 1,100 children are living rough in underground shelters in Ukraine’s rebel-held eastern city of Donetsk, the U.N. children’s agency said Tuesday. “We were able to assess 12 bomb shelters where there are adults and parents with the children,” UNICEF’s representative in Ukraine Giovanna ...

Jan 25, 2015

Tooth decay falling sharply among children, ministry says

The proportion of children with bad teeth has fallen sharply in Japan over the past three decades, preliminary data released by the education ministry shows. The ministry’s fiscal 2014 survey on child health showed that on average, 12-year-old junior high students had one bad ...

Jan 22, 2015

New IVF techniques produce healthier babies: study

Better techniques and policies have given children born from artificial fertilization a much better chance of survival and good health, a Scandinavian study said Wednesday. Doctors looked at data from 1988 to 2007 from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden for more than 92,000 children ...

Bullying finds fertile ground in social media

| Jan 19, 2015

Bullying finds fertile ground in social media

by Shusuke Murai

Smartphones have become an essential tool for people of all ages, but they also pose serious challenges for parents and teachers trying to protect children from online abuse. The July suicide of a high school girl in Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, serves as an example ...