Jul 13, 2015

Parked ambulance starts rolling, injures man

A parked ambulance rolled forward and rear-ended a station wagon in Oyama, Tochigi Prefecture, injuring a 28-year-old man. The wagon, with nine people inside — including five children aged 7 or younger — was parked 10 meters from the ambulance. The injured man was ...

Nov 14, 2014

Saitama man arrested over false Ebola claim

Saitama Prefectural Police said Thursday they have arrested a 24-year-old man for calling an ambulance and making a false statement indicating he might be infected with the Ebola virus. Haruki Shimizu of Moroyama, Saitama Prefecture, is charged for fraudulent obstruction of business, as the ...

Oct 2, 2014

Texas probes potential second case of Ebola

Texas health authorities Wednesday were investigating a potential second U.S. case of Ebola, in a person who was in close contact with a man diagnosed with the virus. The first diagnosed case in the United States was announced on Tuesday. The man had traveled ...

Emergency service hops language barrier

Oct 17, 2013

Emergency service hops language barrier


An emergency call for an ambulance could easily result in an unnecessary tragedy if the caller doesn’t speak Japanese fluently. It’s a possibility the city of Kyoto has faced many times, officials there said. “In the past, we have experienced great difficulty pinpointing the ...

Mar 6, 2013

Saitama man, 75, turned away by 25 hospitals before dying

A 75-year-old Saitama man died after 25 hospitals refused to admit him to their emergency rooms 36 times over two hours, citing lack of beds or doctors to treat him, an official said Tuesday. The man, who lived alone in Kuki, Saitama Prefecture, called ...