Sep 15, 2014

Brazil builds giant tower in Amazon to monitor climate

Brazil is building a giant observation tower in the heart of the Amazon to monitor climate change and its impact on the region’s sensitive ecosystem, a newspaper reported Sunday. The Amazon Tall Tower Observatory (ATTO) is a project of Brazil’s National Institute of Amazonian ...

Aug 15, 2014

George Orwell executor accuses Amazon of dystopian crime of doublespeak

The literary executor of George Orwell’s estate is accusing Amazon of committing an Orwellian crime: doublespeak. In a letter published this week in The New York Times, Bill Hamilton criticized the online retailer for “turning the facts inside out” by alleging that the British author ...

Aug 15, 2014

Amazon surge in Japan lifts Yamato's express deliveries

As more Japanese use mobile phones to shop online, Asia’s biggest parcel shipper is ready. Yamato Holdings Co. is seeing so much demand for everything from computer disks to electrical parts by customers of Inc. and other online retailers in Japan that it ...

Amazon seeks drone permission

Jul 13, 2014

Amazon seeks drone permission

Amazon is asking the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration permission to use drones as part of its plan to deliver packages to customers in 30 minutes or less. The online retailer created a media frenzy in December when it outlined a plan on CBS’ “60 ...

Jul 11, 2014

U.S. sues Amazon over charges for children's online game buys

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission sued Amazon Thursday for charging parents for what their children spent on online games without parental authorization. The FTC said Amazon let kids playing online games to spend real money from their parents’ accounts on virtual items — coins, ...

Jun 6, 2014

Amazon's drone dream sparks race for better sensor

by Thomas Black

In the quest to build drones that can enable companies such as Amazon to make door-to-door deliveries, engineers are racing to overcome a fundamental challenge: helping unmanned, suitcase-sized aircraft see where they’re going. The answer is developing sensors that are smart enough to keep ...

May 24, 2014

Amazon escalates standoff with publisher Hachette

If you’re hoping to pre-order books by J.K. Rowling, Michael Connelly and other Hachette Book Group authors, you’ll have to go somewhere besides An ongoing standoff between Amazon and one of the leading New York publishers has intensified. The online retailer, which already ...

Amazon tries 'selling' Cyber Monday

Dec 9, 2013

Amazon tries 'selling' Cyber Monday

by Jun Hongo

Leave it to the country’s online retail giant to create Japan’s version of America’s latest Christmas shopping spree. Amazon Japan on Monday launched a Cyber Monday campaign to boost holiday shopping, hoping the tradition takes root in Japan and creates a bonanza comparable with ...