Jan 28, 2016

Osaka moves to allow foreign housekeepers


Osaka Prefecture has decided to go ahead with a national government program allowing foreign nationals to work as housekeepers as part of a larger push toward greater participation of women in the workforce. Some industry insiders have been quick to point out, however, that ...

Jan 27, 2016

Bank of Kyoto snubs Abe's plea to cut cross-shareholdings

As Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urges Japanese banks to reduce their stakes in client companies, at least one lender is not playing ball. Bank of Kyoto Ltd. sees no need to sell stakes in customers such as Kyocera Corp., Nintendo Co. and Nidec Corp., ...

Jan 21, 2016

Uncertain annual wage talks

It remains to be seen whether workers at small and medium-size firms will benefit from raises in this year's annual wage negotiations.