Apr 14, 2015

Turkey deports 9 young Britons who tried to enter Syria

Turkey on Tuesday deported nine Britons, including the son of a local councillor, two weeks after arresting them for attempting to cross into Syria to join jihadists, the official news agency said. The nine were taken by minibus from custody cells in the Hatay ...

Mar 31, 2015

Spy agencies in technology arms race: MI6 chief

Spy agencies are caught in a “technology arms race” with terrorists and criminals, the new head of Britain’s MI6 said on Monday in his first public comments since becoming chief. Alex Younger defended the use of data by the Secret Intelligence Service, known as ...

Hit British show 'Downton Abbey' to end after six series

Mar 27, 2015

Hit British show 'Downton Abbey' to end after six series

The sixth season of British television series “Downton Abbey” will be its last, producers said Thursday, bringing an end to the hit drama followed by millions around the world. “Inevitably there comes a time when all shows should end and ‘Downton’ is no exception,” ...

Mar 24, 2015

Dambusters pilot halts medal sale after peer's donation

The last surviving pilot from World War II’s legendary Dambusters’ mission canceled plans to sell his medals Tuesday after a wealthy British peer intervened, the auction house handling the sale said. New Zealander Les Munro had planned to sell his medals, logbooks and other ...

Mar 20, 2015

U.S. alienating European allies

by William Pfaff

Trans-Atlantic relations are worse than they have been in some years, as Europeans widely attribute the new jihadism, the chaos in Iraq, Syria and Libya, the newly proclaimed Islamic State group, tension with Iran, and the sinister turn of events in Israel/Palestine to American ...

British DNA gives window into ancient past, Vikings and all

Mar 19, 2015

British DNA gives window into ancient past, Vikings and all

Genetic samples collected from across the United Kingdom are shedding light on the ancient past, including Viking invasions and a mystery about the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons, researchers report. The DNA also suggests that, genetically speaking, people in Wales are the closest matches to ...