Yoshino Yoshikawa 'Yumetatsu Glider'

| Apr 15, 2014

Yoshino Yoshikawa "Yumetatsu Glider"


Tokyo producer Yoshino Yoshikawa has often described his work as “ultrapop,” and for a while that term made perfect sense. Yoshikawa created busy, buzzing songs in the mold of Yasutaka Nakata. With names such as “Kawaii Candy,” they were a colorful rush of synthesizers ...

Slow Beach 'Lover Lover'

| Jul 17, 2013

Slow Beach "Lover Lover"


Slow Beach is somewhat of a supergroup in Tokyo’s indie-rock scene. The group finds Dai Ogasawara, founder of twee-leaning netlabel Ano(t)raks, hooking up with producer Kai Takahashi, who is responsible for some of the most interesting electronic compositions of the year, including a chilled-out ...