Aug 22, 2016

China stages live-firing drills in Tonkin Gulf amid tensions

China’s coast guard launched live-firing exercises in the Tonkin Gulf on Monday, the latest in a series of military drills that come amid renewed tensions among disputants to territory in the South China Sea. The Maritime Safety Administration said ships and boats were barred ...

Aug 20, 2016

China holds 'confrontation' drills in Sea of Japan


China’s navy has conducted what it called “confrontation” exercises in the Sea of Japan, part of routine annual drills, state media said Friday. The drills, which took place Thursday, come as China seeks to create a navy capable of force projection greater distances away ...

Aug 16, 2016

Taiwan-related groups call Japan's Okinotorishima 'rocks'

Taiwan-related individuals and organizations are disputing Japan’s claims that Okinotorishima in the Pacific Ocean are islands. In an opinion ad published in Monday’s issue of Express, The Washington Post’s free daily, they said “rocks” such as Okinotorishima “cannot sustain human life” and should therefore ...