A family affair: Dog Glaccolo finds a home

Glaccolo (center front), a papillon first featured here in October, was being fostered by the Seshiyama family, which in itself bode auspicious. Charmer that she is, the little dog soon worked her way into the heart and home of Michiko Ota, mother of Reiko Seshiyama. “She seemed to be saying, ...

The more the merrier

| Sep 3, 2014

The more the merrier

When the Tamura family of Shizuoka adopted not only Hara (left, now named Ribbon) but Shiitake (right) as well, ARK workers cried tears of joy. And from the sound of it, the two dogs have indeed found joy in their new home. In search ...

A cat named Mackerel: undercover

| Jun 22, 2014

A cat named Mackerel: undercover

With Mackerel, the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” comes to mind. An American shorthair with likely a bit of American curl thrown in, Mackerel looks like a bit of a toughie. And, with unsteady eyes that have trouble focusing, she can ...

Jan 19, 2014

Team-teaching rules can lead to confusing situations

by Teru Clavel

At present, Japanese labor law restricts foreign native English-speaking teachers, referred to as ALTs (assistant language teachers) from team-teaching with Japanese classroom teachers. Students get the short end of the stick, as team teaching is considered a highly effective foreign-language teaching methodology. Legally, according ...