Tomoko Otake

Tomoko Otake is a staff features writer. Originally from Japan’s ancient capital of Nara, she graduated from the University of Montana with an M.A. in journalism.

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No use fighting the tide of online journalism, experts say

Sep 17, 2014

No use fighting the tide of online journalism, experts say

Major news organizations in Japan have been somewhat insulated from the seismic shift taking place in online journalism around the world. Helped by their still strong, if waning, presence in print, Japan’s five national newspaper companies, each boasting millions of copies in daily circulation, ...

Duolingo chief shakes up language learning

May 23, 2014

Duolingo chief shakes up language learning

While in his teens, growing up in a family running a candy factory in Guatemala, Luis von Ahn said he often fantasized about creating a gym anyone could join for free. Now 34, von Ahn, an IT entrepreneur and associate professor of computer science ...

May 8, 2014

Riken stands behind STAP paper probe

The Riken institute states that it will not reopen its probe into the so-called STAP cell papers, leaving biologist Haruko Obokata guilty of research misconduct.

Pain in the body may start in the mind

Apr 11, 2014

Pain in the body may start in the mind

Good diagnosis takes persistent questioning and good analytical skills. It’s a bit like a detective piecing together a puzzle from seemingly unrelated bits of information. So argues Dr. Hillel Finestone, a rehabilitation specialist who has treated countless numbers of patients complaining of pain-related problems, ...

Feb 20, 2014

New tax rules to hit holders of overseas assets

Individuals with overseas assets worth more than ¥50 million must report them to the nation’s tax authorities or face tough penalties, according to new government regulations introduced ahead of this year’s tax return filing. Taxpayers who fail to report these assets face penalties of ...