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Osaka embraces English Reformation

| Mar 30, 2014

Osaka embraces English Reformation

While Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto's controversial political antics have increasingly drawn criticism, little attention has been paid to how his leadership has prompted the most progressive reforms of English-language education in the nation.

Thinking outside the usual white box

| Mar 2, 2014

Thinking outside the usual white box

Imagine being a meter tall and dashing around the donut-shaped roof of your school. Or picture studying math while taking in the rich smell of timber in one of a variety of wooden houses connected by a single three-story atrium, or attending a zero-carbon ...

China, South Korea face familiar woes in English quest

| Jan 19, 2014

China, South Korea face familiar woes in English quest

Japan isn’t alone in its struggles with teaching English. China and South Korea have experienced similar frustrations, but their responses and results have been quite different. It’s easy to compare the three nations because of their similarities: English is completely different from their native ...

Jan 19, 2014

Team-teaching rules can lead to confusing situations

At present, Japanese labor law restricts foreign native English-speaking teachers, referred to as ALTs (assistant language teachers) from team-teaching with Japanese classroom teachers. Students get the short end of the stick, as team teaching is considered a highly effective foreign-language teaching methodology. Legally, according ...