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Jun 3, 2014

The Tank Man's defiance

Chinese Communist authorities largely spared the student protesters of Tiananmen Square 25 years ago, though many leaders went to prison. It was ordinary citizens like the famous man who stood down the tank — along the streets to the square — who suffered the ...

Apr 25, 2014

Japan scores whaling own goal

In the hindsight of the recent International Court of Justice's humiliating ruling against Japan's Antarctic scientific whaling, the government's slapping down of Japan Greenpeace in 2010 was probably a bad idea.

Feb 2, 2014

Cooling down the history wars

To protect the integrity of history teaching, historians and teachers should insist, forcefully, that there are many spaces where patriotism can be cultivated in a modern democratic society but that the history classroom is not one of them.

Korean volunteers put the K into kizuna

| Dec 9, 2013

Korean volunteers put the K into kizuna

One volunteer group, based at Tokyo's Meiji University, is called Kizuna International; the other, at Kyoto University, is Kizuna From Kyoto. The coincidences do not end there: Both groups' leaders share the same surname and both are ethnic Koreans.

Dec 3, 2012

Tell the stories of those who refused

At first it had seemed like an ordinary day in that Jerusalem court in mid-1961, during the trial of Adolf Eichmann, the logistical mastermind of the Jewish deportations in the Holocaust. Hannah Arendt, the German-Jewish philosopher attending the trial as a journalist, wrote later ...

Sep 26, 2012

Nuclear crisis lowers curtain on Japan's Confucian politics

Around 25 years ago it was fashionable to portray Japan’s economic system as an alternative to Anglo-Saxon capitalism. Japan’s success, it was said, was based on its unique business models, its state-guided capitalism — and on the Confucian values it had inherited from China. ...