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Rowan Hooper has a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology from Sheffield University, UK, and he worked as an insect biologist in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, for five years before spending a two-year period at The Japan Times in Tokyo. He is now news editor for New Scientist magazine, based in London.

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Historical ifs and weathers or not

| Mar 15, 2014

Historical ifs and weathers or not

To suggest that history is shaped by chance weather events and climatic variation doesn’t lend it quite the same gravitas as if it were wrought by great leaders. It certainly isn’t as inspirational. But such processes can be just as important — and the ...

Stem-cell leap defied Japanese norms

| Feb 15, 2014

Stem-cell leap defied Japanese norms

It’s not surprising that last week Haruko Obokata issued a plea for privacy. On Jan. 29 she published a scientific paper on stem cells that could revolutionize medicine, and overnight the researcher based at the Riken Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) in Kobe became ...

Cooperation vs. competition in space

| Jan 18, 2014

Cooperation vs. competition in space

Shadows of winter clouds Run over the ocean Just before sunset It’s a pretty haiku, but it becomes quite extraordinary when you learn that it was written aboard the International Space Station (ISS) by astronaut Koichi Wakata, who tweeted it to his 50,000 followers ...

| Oct 19, 2013

'GTAV' aggro-risks doubt

In the last week I’ve been drunk in a strip club, got shot at by gangsters and driven a sports car into the ocean — where, regretfully, my partner drowned. But that’s nothing compared to a friend of mine who has robbed a convenience ...