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Iran poll shows waning clerics' clout

| Jun 14, 2013

Iran poll shows waning clerics' clout

For most of its 34-year history, Iran has been run by clerics serving not just as supreme leaders, but also as elected presidents, their turban-clad figures becoming familiar worldwide as Iran’s public face. However, the theocratic order, whose base is Qom, a dusty city ...

Jun 12, 2013

Rules sap presidential campaign of excitement

In the nights leading up to the 2009 election, hundreds of thousands of Tehran residents flooded the streets in a show of excitement over a presidential contest that few had expected would attract much attention. Today, however, Iran’s vast capital does not look like ...

Scores vie for spots on Iranian ballot

| May 9, 2013

Scores vie for spots on Iranian ballot

Not just anyone is allowed to become president of Iran. But just about anyone can sign up to be considered, and the dozens of candidates who lined up to do so in Tehran on Tuesday offered a window into the uncertainty and confusion surrounding ...