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/ Dec 4, 2012

How waxing nostalgic can boost mental health

Do you indulge in sentimental memories? Do you enjoy perusing your photo collections? Do you like listening to “oldies” songs on the radio, YouTube, or other popular venues?If so, don’t feel embarrassed — for social scientists now say that nostalgia is not only harmless, ...

/ Sep 9, 2011

Beating the midlife blues

Are you feeling down about middle age? Do you find yourself thinking that time is hurtling and you’ll never reach your goals — or, perhaps more distressingly, that they don’t even fit who you are anymore?If you’re in the age range of roughly 40 ...

Mar 10, 2011

Achieving happiness and well-being through positive psychology

Positive psychology is a hot topic these days. Books with “happiness” in the title are pouring out of publishers’ lists, and studies on resilience, well-being and gratitude have made their way from academic journals to mainstream magazines. More than 200 colleges and universities in ...

Zen psychology: Daisetz Suzuki remembered

Mar 10, 2011

Zen psychology: Daisetz Suzuki remembered

Despite the gloomy global economy, the field of positive psychology is booming. Often described simplistically by journalists as “the science of happiness,” it’s actually a broad focus on our strengths and talents, virtues and peak experiences in daily living. The name for this specialty ...

/ Dec 5, 2010

Know them by their bliss

NEW YORK — What’s the best way to really know someone? Is it to uncover their daily worries, hassles or fears? To discern what traits they most hide from others, and perhaps even from themselves?More than a century ago, Sigmund Freud argued that our ...

/ May 16, 2010

Prized Japanese social values that withstand 'Westernization'

NEW YORK — Japan is a fascinating and beautiful country, but its culture can be baffling to Westerners. This seems especially true for Americans, with our long history of geographic and cultural isolation from Europe and Asia.In their quick visits to Kyoto’s majestic Buddhist ...