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Former longtime Japan resident Dave Wiggins, who was a sports columnist and television analyst in Tokyo, is now a sports writer based in Vero Beach, Florida. He contributes a bi-monthly column on the North American sports scene to The Japan Times. Wiggins, who was a TV sportscaster in Hawaii for several years prior to his time in Japan, is known for his keen observations and acerbic wit. In 2006 he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Foreign Sportswriters Association of Japan.

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NBA has a different look as All-Star break nears

| Jan 30, 2015

NBA has a different look as All-Star break nears

Up is down and down is up in the NBA these days. One look at the current standings says it all. Former powerhouses have fallen upon hard times. Meanwhile, the recently downtrodden have risen to unfamiliar heights. Some ballclubs are struggling like never before. ...

| Jan 13, 2015

New Year's resolutions Man About Sports hopes for

For an improved sports world, some better-late-than-never New Year’s resolutions MAS would like to see made — and carried out: ■ MLB — We will make the wild card round of the postseason a best-of-three affair and not a grossly unfair one-and-done deal following ...

Selection committee for NCAA playoff system flawed

| Dec 16, 2014

Selection committee for NCAA playoff system flawed

“Geez, it’s not figure skating.” — Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher’s take on “style points” affecting the college football playoff rankings. Style points. Translation: lopsided wins. These days, it isn’t enough for teams to just win every week on the college gridiron. You also ...