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Former longtime Japan resident Dave Wiggins, who was a sports columnist and television analyst in Tokyo, is now a sports writer based in Vero Beach, Florida. He contributes a bi-monthly column on the North American sports scene to The Japan Times. Wiggins, who was a TV sportscaster in Hawaii for several years prior to his time in Japan, is known for his keen observations and acerbic wit. In 2006 he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Foreign Sportswriters Association of Japan.

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Brewers enjoying turnaround despite recent struggles

| Sep 9, 2014

Brewers enjoying turnaround despite recent struggles

Darn those woebegone Chicago Cubs! They sure know how to ruin a great storyline. If it weren’t for the perennially cellar-dwelling, lovable loser Cubbies, the Milwaukee Brewers would have an excellent shot at a worst-to-first finish in the National League Central this campaign. Last ...

| Aug 26, 2014

New NCAA playoff system filled with complex issues

As homespun ex-Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden might say, this U.S. college football season promises to be pretty “dad gum” interesting. With the debut of what many fans have long been clamoring for — a national championship tournament — things should at least ...

Gomez enthralls with Jekyll-and-Hyde personas

| Jul 1, 2014

Gomez enthralls with Jekyll-and-Hyde personas

Carlos Gomez, star Milwaukee center fielder, is a classic study in contradictions. At first blush, he appears to be an MLB troublemaker. He has been at the center of numerous on-field confrontations as a result of his flamboyant bat-flipping and baserunning antics. But, as ...

Outlook for Nationals reliant upon health of DC3

| May 20, 2014

Outlook for Nationals reliant upon health of DC3

How many times in sports have you heard it: As so-and-so goes, so goes team such-and-such? In the case of the Washington Nationals, outstanding showings by the trio of Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper and Jayson Werth seem mandatory if the Nats are to excel. ...