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CEO taps monk training to shine way for driverless taxis

Jun 28, 2016

CEO taps monk training to shine way for driverless taxis

Hisashi Taniguchi used a sabbatical from developing software for driverless taxis and drones to take a pilgrimage to a Buddhist temple in western Japan. He shaved his head, donned black robes and studied to become its leader. He passed the test, yet within a ...

Apr 25, 2016

BOJ seen quietly snapping up big stakes in Japan Inc. via ETFs

They may not realize it yet, but Japan Inc.’s executives are increasingly working for a shareholder unlike any other: the nation’s money-printing central bank. While the Bank of Japan’s name is nowhere to be found in regulatory filings on major stock investors, the monetary ...

Feb 23, 2016

As overseas investors flee Japan, BlackRock places bets

As foreign investors flee Tokyo stocks, the world’s largest asset manager says the move by the Bank of Japan that spooked the market will be one of the main things that pushes it back up. BlackRock Inc. is bullish on Japanese shares even after ...