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Dec 30, 2014

After Captain Coward, Italy salutes Captain Courageous

He was everything that Captain Coward was not.In keeping with centuries of maritime tradition, the captain of the blaze-hit ferry Norman Atlantic was the last man off his stricken ship on Monday. More than 36 hours after he sent out a distress signal to ...

How WWI shaped the 20th century and beyond

Jun 29, 2014

How WWI shaped the 20th century and beyond

There is one line from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” that might easily have been written about the legacy of World War I.“It will have blood; they say, blood will have blood.” As the guns fell silent in 1918, the victors all agreed on one thing: Germany ...

Centennial of Camus' birth marked

Nov 8, 2013

Centennial of Camus' birth marked

Albert Camus once said that those who write clearly have readers, while those who write obscurely have commentators.By his own maxim, he must have been doing something right because, 100 years after his birth and more than half a century since his untimely death, ...

Frustrated French turn to far right

/ Oct 19, 2013

Frustrated French turn to far right

France’s mainstream political parties were Monday scratching their heads over what to do about a surge by the National Front after a breakthrough by-election win for the far-right party.The ruling Socialist party and the center-right Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), the party of ...

France embraces 'little sparrow' Piaf 50 years on

Oct 10, 2013

France embraces 'little sparrow' Piaf 50 years on

In the end there was nobody she could not win over. Fifty years after her death, Edith Piaf on Thursday was set to be remembered in the working-class Paris neighborhood that produced one of the world’s greatest, and most tragic, performers.And even the Catholic ...

Aug 21, 2008

ODA and bribery

The special investigation squad of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office has arrested a former president of Pacific Consultants International, a Tokyo-based consultancy for overseas construction projects, and three others on suspicion of bribery in connection with a project in Vietnam financed by the ...