Two teachers per class planned for schools in Aichi town


A town in Aichi Prefecture has decided to put two teachers in classrooms for first graders and third-year students in junior high schools beginning next April, officials of the town said.

The new policy, to be implemented by the town of Nishiharu, is unusual in that two teachers will be put in charge of each class regardless of its size, a town official said.

“It’s important for students in their first year of mandatory education to acquire concentration,” an official of the town’s board of education said. “The third year in junior high school is a finishing year, so attention to instructions is required.”

Two teachers will be assigned to every class for first graders, while third-year junior high school students will have two teachers during homeroom, civics and general studies classes.

The town has five elementary schools and three junior high schools. Each class, of between 29 and 40 students, will have two teachers assigned to it beginning fiscal 2003.

Additional teachers needed will be hired on a temporary basis, the officials said.