New technology makes exchanging digital files easier

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. and Microsoft Corp. said Friday they have jointly developed a new technology that improves interoperability between personal computers and digital media devices.

The technology, called HighMAT, short for high-performance media access technology, is designed to make exchanging music, video and photos between PCs and devices such as CD and DVD players much easier, they said.

Currently, there are a number of different interfaces, which is often confusing for users, they said.

HighMAT addresses the problem by creating an optimized way for PCs to identify digital files on recordable discs, and standard ways for consumer devices to read these discs, they added.

Microsoft and Matsushita plan to use the new technology for future products.

The technology’s specifications are available for easy licensing by other consumer electronics makers and software developers. , the companies said.

Already, Fuji Photo Film Co., a leading film and digital camera maker, has expressed its intention to adopt the technology in future versions of its products, they added.