Millions returned to overtaxed man


The city of Omuta, Fukuoka Prefecture, has returned some 3 million yen to a resident of the city after it came to light that the municipality had been overcharging him on his fixed-asset tax for 20 years, it was learned Sunday.

According to city officials, the tax had been levied on a six-story building owned by the 51-year-old man and leased out to tenants. The city began collecting the tax on the property in 1982, but mistakenly included the air conditioning fixtures that had been installed by the tenants as part of the man’s assets, leading it to collect taxes in excess of more than 100,000 yen annually.

The man discovered this in May, after requesting to see the contents of his tax form, and demanded reimbursement, the officials said.

The city has so far reimbursed the man for the excess tax collected plus interest from 1986, the point from which records remain. The man is calling for the city to pay the remaining four years’ worth of excess tax as well, officials said.