Family of six dies in apparent suicide

KAGOSHIMA (Kyodo) A family of six, including four children, was found dead Monday in a car parked on a quiet mountain road in Kajiki, Kagoshima Prefecture, in an apparent family suicide, police said.

A passerby found the six bodies at around 8 a.m., the police said.

The victims were identified as Hisanori Ando, 35; his wife Mika, 32; their daughter Chihiro, 6; and their sons Tomoya, 10, Fumiya, 2 and Naoya, 2.

Police said they found Ando at the driver’s seat and his wife in the front passenger seat with Fumiya in her arms. The three other children were found collapsed on the back seats.

The car’s exhaust hose was fed into the car and the doors and windows were sealed, the police said.

No suicide note was found.