Torrance has always valued its Japanese businesses and will continue to do so. Amid the ongoing global turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Torrance is gradually reopening for business. In the past year, the city welcomed back Sanrio and Oriental Motor.

On the road to recovery, the city will step up efforts to attract new investment and assist existing businesses. It plans to highlight the so-called Torrance Advantage, a promotional pitch that attracted long-time Japanese partners like Honda, ANA, Mayekawa and Morinaga.

“Our city is the proud home of many wonderful businesses. Everyone knows about the prominent Japanese business presence here and how they have contributed so much to Torrance. We will be always indebted to the great many Japanese residents and companies that have placed their confidence in our city, as well as for their contributions all these decades. Truly, the Japanese community here is one of the best parts of Torrance,” Mayor Patrick Furey said.

Meanwhile, Economic Development Manager Fran Fulton pointed out the city’s other strengths: “In terms of overall industry, biotechnology and aerospace are just two of many thriving sectors here. We also provide access to great health care and quality educational institutions. On top of that, Torrance is one of the safest cities in Southern California and tops the list of medium-sized cities in the United States with the largest Japanese population.”

Founded as an industrial center 107 years ago, modern Torrance has grown to become a blend of commercial, industrial, and residential bliss. And soon enough, its beautiful beach will draw back the tourists.