If the global economy were a jungle and companies were the organisms inhabiting that environment, then the ability to adapt is absolutely essential for survival. Amid rapid globalization and ongoing disruption of industries, entire business sectors have undergone irreversible changes overnight because of the emergence of new technologies and trends. The companies that adapted their business models to the disruptions emerged more focused, streamlined and stronger.

In Southern California’s own “jungle,” Noritsu successfully evolved to survive the disruption in the commercial photo printing industry. Set up in Buena Park in 1978 as the North American subsidiary of what is now Noritsu Precision Co., Noritsu America Corp. has loyally served major retailers nationwide, such as Walmart, Costco and Walgreens, as well as professional photographers and studios through its high-quality commercial printers.

“Since arriving in 2016, I have taken pride in being able to generate new revenue streams for the company and I’m pleased to say that our business has been growing ever since. Utilizing the high technical ability and knowledge of our engineers, we offer professional technical services to our customers. We’re very successful with companies that require highly skilled maintenance work, knowledge of what manufacturers need, and service and sales processes that scale nationwide. Our technical sales business has grown by 30 percent since we started,” Noritsu America Corp. President and CEO Go Yoshii said.

“Also, Noritsu’s pharmacy automation business is doing quite well. Last year, we entered the medical imaging space by purchasing RFI, a medical imaging company that provides service and sales of MRI, CT,  and X-ray equipment. Today, pharmacy automation and medical imaging are our most profitable business segments,” Yoshii added.