Dec 8, 2016

Kansai University bans use of military research subsidies

Kansai University will ban its researchers from applying for Defense Ministry funds for projects that could then be used for military technologies, its president said Thursday. The Defense Ministry’s subsidy program, which started in fiscal 2015, has drawn criticism from some academics who are ...

Student team makes mulberry plant discovery

Feb 11, 2016

Student team makes mulberry plant discovery

A research team led by Japanese high school and university students has discovered that mulberry leaves contain biogenic minerals known as opal phytoliths, rigid microscopic structures that persist after death and can have forensic value. They are found in a range of plants. Archaeologists, ...

Feb 6, 2016

Science and technology plan

Hopefully the government's new five-year plan for science and technology plan will reverse a disturbing decrease in the quality and quantity of Japanese research.