/ Mar 17, 2017

U.K.'s Brexit fight with Scotland escalates as May rejects vote

Prime Minister Theresa May rejected Scotland’s bid to hold a referendum on independence before the U.K. leaves the European Union, the latest twist in the increasingly acrimonious fight over Brexit with the nationalist government in Edinburgh. While not ruling one out eventually, May’s team ...

Thai voters overwhelmingly approve junta-backed constitution

/ Aug 7, 2016

Thai voters overwhelmingly approve junta-backed constitution

Thai voters Sunday overwhelmingly approved a new junta-backed constitution that lays the foundation for a civilian government influenced by the military and controlled by appointed — rather than elected — officials. With 91 percent of the ballots counted, 62 percent of voters in the ...

Sep 23, 2015

New Zealand government adds new option for flag referendum

The New Zealand government on Wednesday bowed to public pressure and added an extra flag design to the four options already being considered for a new national banner. The “Red Peak” design has generated a groundswell of support since a government committee unveiled its ...