U.S., Colombia move against alleged big money laundering family in Panama

May 6, 2016

U.S., Colombia move against alleged big money laundering family in Panama

Authorities have arrested a prominent Panama businessman and dismantled an empire of banking, real estate and retail businesses that the U.S. says were part of a top worldwide money-laundering organization for drug traffickers. The coordinated operation was announced Thursday as the U.S. Treasury Department ...

Apr 5, 2016

Panama rejects money-launderer label following documents leak

Panamanians have long shrugged off their country’s checkered reputation as a financial haven for drug lords, tax dodgers and corrupt oligarchs. If they are crooks, they’ve learned from the world’s wealthy nations, according to a common joke. That same defensiveness has re-emerged amid the ...

Jan 19, 2016

Panama canal railway to use Japanese monorail system

The governments of Japan and Panama have agreed on the use of a Japanese monorail system for a planned railway across the Panama Canal, it was learned on Monday. The two governments have signed a memorandum of understanding on the utilization of Japan’s “high-quality” ...

Central America tests drought-resistant beans

Dec 26, 2015

Central America tests drought-resistant beans


‘These beans are miraculous because they beat drought,” crowed Manuel Ceren, a farmer in El Salvador trying out a hybrid, climate change-defying crop produced by Salvadoran, Colombian and Honduran experts. In Quezaltepeque, a village 30 km north of San Salvador, Ceren and 13 other ...

Aug 9, 2015

Drought causes Panama Canal to reduce cargo size

The Panama Canal will temporarily limit the cargo size of ships using the waterway due to a drought caused by the El Nino weather phenomenon, authorities said Friday. The Panama Canal Authority said the maximum ship draft will be cut to 11.89 meters (39 ...