Hong Kong refugees who aided Snowden facing deportation

/ May 15, 2017

Hong Kong refugees who aided Snowden facing deportation

A group of refugees who sheltered fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden in Hong Kong are facing deportation after the city's authorities rejected their bid for protection, their lawyer said Monday. The impoverished Philippine and Sri Lankan refugees helped the former National Security Agency contractor evade authorities ...

May 3, 2017

NSA collected Americans' phone records despite change in law

The National Security Agency collected more than 151 million records of Americans' phone calls last year, even after Congress limited its ability to collect bulk phone records, according to an annual report issued on Tuesday by the top U.S. intelligence officer. The report from the ...

Apr 15, 2017

Hackers release files indicating NSA monitored global bank transfers

Hackers on Friday released documents and files that indicate the U.S. National Security Agency accessed the SWIFT interbank messaging system, allowing it to monitor money flows among some Middle Eastern and Latin American banks. The release included computer code that could be adapted by criminals ...