Dec 11, 2015

NATO missile defenses test off Hawaii deemed success

The U.S. military says it has shot down a missile off Hawaii in a test of a missile defense system designed to protect NATO forces in Europe from attack. The Missile Defense Agency said Thursday that an Air Force C-17 aircraft launched a medium-range ...

May 29, 2014

US urges Japan, S. Korea to cooperate on missile defense

A top U.S. military official on Wednesday called for better missile defense cooperation between Japan and South Korea, in the face of strained ties between America’s two closest Asia allies and a belligerent North Korea. “We’re encouraging our allies and partners to acquire their ...

May 10, 2014

Tokyo to get PAC-3 missile batteries

The Defense Ministry plans to deploy PAC-3 missile batteries in Tokyo in three years to shield the capital from threats, including ballistic missiles from North Korea.

Nov 4, 2013

SDF to stage Miyako surface-to-ship missile drill

The Self-Defense Forces will conduct a drill on Okinawa’s Miyako Island using surface-to-ship missiles. The first such SDF drill on the island comes amid China’s increasing muscle-flexing near the Senkaku Islands, which are under the jurisdiction of Okinawa Prefecture. Members of the Ground Self-Defense ...