/ Feb 2, 2017

Malaria superbugs threaten global control, scientists say

Multidrug-resistant malaria superbugs have taken hold in parts of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, threatening to undermine progress against the disease, scientists said. The superbugs — malaria parasites that can beat off the best current treatments, artemisinin and piperaquine — have spread throughout Cambodia, with ...

Human-scented traps fight malaria

/ Aug 11, 2016

Human-scented traps fight malaria

Dutch and Kenyan scientists have designed a unique mosquito trap that uses human odor to attract the malaria-carrying insects, helping cut the number of cases dramatically, researchers said Wednesday. A three-year study in Kenya found the special traps baited with synthetic smell helped to ...

/ Sep 17, 2015

Malaria deaths fall 60 percent since 2000: UN

Malaria deaths worldwide have fallen by 60 percent since 2000, the U.N. said Thursday, with improved diagnostic tests and the massive distribution of mosquito nets aiding dramatic progress against the disease. Fifteen years ago, an estimated 262 million malaria cases killed nearly 840,000 people. ...