Jan 17, 2014

Global economic prospects

As the world watches for signs of stable global economic growth this year, Japan should be ready to take remedial measures for its own economy if the consumption tax increase in April causes negative effects.

Jan 13, 2014

Boosting the global economy

by Christine Lagarde

Although we have avoided the worst-case depressioin scenario over the past five years, thanks to the efforts of global policymakers, the world economy is not yet flying on all engines and is likely to remain underpowered this year as well, says the IMF managing ...

Jan 10, 2014

Looming economic problems

by George Soros

The major uncertainty facing the world today, says George Soros, is not the euro but the future direction of China. The growth model that drove China's rapid rise appears to have run out of steam.

Jul 16, 2013

IMF's global forecast makes for dreary reading

by Robert Samuelson

The International Monetary Fund’s latest global economic forecast makes for unhappy reading. You may remember that, some years back, it was fashionable to ask whether the world economy could continue “flying on one engine” — meaning the United States. America’s boom and import appetite ...

Jul 16, 2013

G-20 urged to discuss structural reforms

The Group of 20 top finance officials should address structural issues such as capital control in emerging economies in order to boost medium- and long-term global economic growth, according to former Bank of Japan Executive Director Eiji Hirano. While acknowledging that a scaling back ...