Nov 4, 2014

The six years from 2008 show Keynes was right

by Anatole Kaletsky

The main lesson from all the policy experiments conducted worldwide since the 2008 financial crisis is that government decisions on taxes and public spending have turned out to be more important as drivers of economic activity than the monetary experiments with zero interest rates ...

Oct 20, 2014

Oil-price dip is no panacea

Falling oil prices — to below $80 a barrel a few weeks ago — indicate that concern over faltering demand because of weakness in the global economy trumps the usual market reponse to turmoil in the Middle East.

Sep 15, 2014

OECD cuts growth outlook for G-7, worried about eurozone

The OECD on Monday cut its economic outlook for the Group of Seven nations in 2014, including Japan, while expecting a moderate expansion to continue in most of the major economies. In its interim economic assessment report, the Paris-based organization also said the “most ...

Global economic recovery marred by inconsistencies

May 16, 2014

Global economic recovery marred by inconsistencies

The global economy is plodding ahead in fits and starts as the largest countries struggle to achieve consistent growth. Europe is faltering again. Japan is suddenly surging. China is cooling. The U.S. is strengthening. In the background, central banks are aiming to administer just ...

May 16, 2014

Is China the top economic power?

by Robert J.

New World Bank figures suggesting that China's GDP will overtake that of the U.S. sometime this year raise profound issues for Americans who have presumed that postwar economic affluence depends on countries becoming more like the U.S.

Apr 28, 2014

Abe's 'third arrow' crucial for Asia: IMF

Asian policymakers must push ahead with structural changes to ensure the region continues to lead global growth and withstand volatility as the United States reduces monetary stimulus, the International Monetary Fund said, naming Japan and China as potential sources of risk. Asian economies will ...

Jan 17, 2014

Global economic prospects

As the world watches for signs of stable global economic growth this year, Japan should be ready to take remedial measures for its own economy if the consumption tax increase in April causes negative effects.

Jan 13, 2014

Boosting the global economy

by Christine Lagarde

Although we have avoided the worst-case depressioin scenario over the past five years, thanks to the efforts of global policymakers, the world economy is not yet flying on all engines and is likely to remain underpowered this year as well, says the IMF managing ...

Jan 10, 2014

Looming economic problems

by George Soros

The major uncertainty facing the world today, says George Soros, is not the euro but the future direction of China. The growth model that drove China's rapid rise appears to have run out of steam.